For Developers: 5 Ways to Meet Employer Demands as Shown by New Survey

The SaaS realm remains one of the most successful startups online, and coding is considered the most important job skill of the future. As a result, the app-developer-sphere is experiencing a boom.

Individuals from different age range, race and class are struggling to develop apps and games that will earn them a decent means of income and also increase their chances of getting noticed and possibly hired by established companies.

This and the many other reasons coding is considered a great empowerment skill of the future have resulted in a tough, survival-of-the-fittest struggle to dominate in the sphere.

To give developers a competitive edge and increase their chances of getting hired by the right employers, HackerRank, an agency launched in 2012 with a mission of matching every developer with the right job, conducted a survey on their community of developers to gain more insight in the developer world.

The survey was a success with about 39,441 responses from the community, which enabled the agency to better understand the happenings in the sphere.

From the insights in the survey, it was discovered that other than programming language, debugging and design skills, there are other important qualifications developers need for increased chances of success in the sphere, some of which are discussed below.

  1. Adapt to Changes in the Developer World

Compared with previous years, there are a lot of changes technological upgrades like the invention of powerful PCs and easy accessibility of resources have aided in the developer world.

A higher percentage of developers are self-taught and kids from the seventies gained most of their insight from books but, new generation programmers are “opting for YouTube to self-teach over books,” as noted in the survey.

Also, tech giants like Google influence what language or skill developers are interested in learning, as no developer wants to be left behind.

According to the survey, although Javascript is the most sought-after language by employers, the languages developers are more interested in learning include Kotlin which was influenced by Google, Scala which was influenced by Twitter, and Swift that was influenced by Apple.

The only way developers can stay ahead of this rapidly advancing sphere is by staying abreast of the market demands and quickly adapting promising trends in the workforce.

Developers who fail to exhibit this flexibility will end up mastering outdated skills and developing apps and games no one is interested in.

  1. Include Past Work Experience on Resume

Other than highlighting the CS degrees acquired from a prestigious college on resume, developers can better impress employers by including the working experience they have garnered, what fields/industry they have worked on/for and how many years they have been active in the workforce.

Employers have come to the realization that a higher percentage of developers are self-taught, and therefore place more emphasis on what you do and what value you can deliver, than on qualifications such as education level and skill endorsements.

  1. Learn In-demand Skills

As stated in point #1 above, developers are more keen on learning languages made popular by tech giants. Such languages will help them be on top of their game and increase their chances of directly winning the consumers’ hearts (app users and gamers). However, to stand a better chance with employers, developers must pay attention to the languages and skills most sought after by employers.

This means developers should:

  • Master Javascript Framework – The survey shows that Javascript is the language employers look for more most, and Javascript framework is ruling as it’s currently “the only language versatile enough to build frontend, backend, mobile and browser extensions,” as noted in the survey. Hence, developers will be doing themselves a lot good by mastering this language.


  • Demonstrate Computational Thinking – Employers from large-scale companies are more interested in developers who have the ability to analyze complex problems, break them down and find solutions to them. This makes computational thinking a craft every developer should strive master.


  • Be Adept in Framework Proficiency – The survey further notes that there are a couple of variations in the skills most important to startups versus medium-to-large companies. Startups are more interested in framework proficiency. Therefore, developers targeting small businesses should master this skill.


  • Learn the Most Sought-after Skills – Developers should pay more attention to problem-solving skills, programming language proficiency, debugging, and system design as these skills are the most in-demand from the list of ten other skills from the survey.
  1. Engage in Projects and Create a Professional Work Portfolio

The survey also found employers to be more interested in developers with proven credibility and experience in the field.

Accessing developer skills is difficult for employers, hence they utilize tools such as Resume and Referrals. While using such tools, they pay more attention to portfolio/projects and accord more interest to developers that have them.

Therefore, developers should be active in the developer community and engage in GitHub projects to boost their credibility and increase their chances of meeting the right employers.

  1. Python beats JavaScript for Developers

As noted in point #3 above, JavaScript is the #1 most sought-after language by employers. However, it still doesn’t interest developers as much as Python does.

According to the survey, “JavaScript may be the most in-demand language by employers, but Python wins the heart of developers across all ages”

Though mastering JavaScript is important, developers need to pay attention to Python and possibly master it, too, to stay ahead of the competition and be opportune to more chances as a developer.

Building Better Apps and Becoming a Better Developer

The survey conducted by HackerRank shows that being a good developer exceeds mastering different languages and coming up with innovative ideas.

It involves mastering the skills, coming up with the ideas, building the ideas while paying attention to tech giants and advancements in the developer world, and also striving to meet consumer interests and employer demands.

One last and very important factor developers should take into consideration is the safety of apps because as the world is getting more tech-savvy by the day, cybercrimes are also on the increase.

Some Application Integrity Platforms have been created, though, to professionally handle this by securing applications after development and before deployment. Hence, it’s advised that developers focus on their craft and outsource this very crucial sector to such platforms.

Developers who learn the in-demand skills above, adapt to market changes and ensure the ultimate security of their apps have better chances of meeting the right employers, building successful career with their skills and, are also more likely to remain relevant in the future developer world.